SZPOWER 87W USB C Charger is Most Loved By MacBook Users, On Sale For $21.62


Amazon is currently offering SZPOWER 87W USB C Charger today for $21.62. Normally selling for $40, today’s offer save 46% directly without using any coupon code.

This power adapter fast charges twice of 61W/30W USB C charger while charging Pro 13 inch, 12 inches, New Air 13 inch. This light cannot be plugged into an extension cord. Specialized 5A has more built-in Emark chips and thicker copper wire to handle the power of 5A for each device. This cord lets you work and charge your laptop where it connects to.

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SZPOWER 87W USB C Charger comes with another LED indicator to the custom-made charger. This product emits a gentle, blue light so that the owner can easily find the charger in the dark and has a foldable plug for neat storage.

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The SZPOWER 87W USB C Charger promises up to 91% charging efficiency, which is a considerable improvement over the previous model. We implement high-speed charging and use cooling techniques. Have a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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