Spigen DuraSync Lightning Cable For Apple Device Drops To $10 At Amazon

Spigen DuraSync USB C to Lightning Cable-min

Since the release of the iPhone 8, fast charging has been possible on iOS, though Lightning cables are not always affordable to use. Fortunately, this has changed since then as others can produce and offer MFI-certified Lightning cables at far better prices. Take the USB-C to Lightning, for example, this 3-foot Spigen DuraSync Cable. It is usually only available for $14, although Amazon’s official Apple cable version is nearly $20. With the help of a 30% off on-page coupon, you can save more and collect Spigen’s cable only for $9.79 today. This coupon could be lost at any time, so make sure you order to save it.

When the cable arrives in your home you would like a USB-C power supply wall charger to load your iPhone quickly. With the Spigen cable with a USB-C adapter, the iPhone can be loaded from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. Fast charging works on the newest iPad models of Apple too.

These cables also support high-speed data transfers as well as quick charging. Cables such as these are an absolute need if you upgrade to a newer MacBook and no longer have a full-size USB-A port. It’s worth taking a few at this price to just keep around the house and in your office and in your different travel bags.

With 30.000 bending lifespan and reinforced connectors, the Spigen cable should last longer than the Apple version. Amazon shipping is free for $25 or higher, or Amazon Prime.

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