Spigen 120W [GaN III] 4-Port USB C Charging Station Available For $60 Only (Save $40)

The Spigen 120W [GaN III] 4-Port USB C Charging Station is currently available on Amazon for $59.99. When you clip the on-page coupon for the current promotion, you can save 40% off the list price.

Due to Spigen’s advanced 3D PCB Technology, the ArcDock is 39% smaller than a typical 100w charger. Its 120W of power output, despite its small size, is enough to charge two 14-inch MacBook Pro models. Gallium Nitride 3rd Generation, the latest technology, improves ArcDock’s performance. In order to protect both you and your device from any injury, the ripple noise is decreased while charging. It also generates less heat than typical Non-GaN chargers.

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Four gadgets can be charged at once. Only one outlet is needed to charge four different devices at once. A 13-inch MacBook Pro can be charged to 50% of its capacity with just one USB-C port, which has a maximum power output of 100W. A single USB-A port is capable of providing up to 18W of quick charging for mobile devices. Simply recharge everything you have at once using one charger.

After identifying the connected device, the charger uses intelligence to intelligently provide the necessary power. Up to 100W of power can be delivered by one USB-C connector when it is in operation. It can fully charge a MacBook Pro or Air by outputting up to 60W while both USB-C ports are in use. Overcharging is the last thing you should be worried about with ArcDock.

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Any USB-C laptop may support up to 120W of rapid charging with USB-C Type, including the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, HP, Dell XPS, Lenovo ThinkPad, Surface Pro 7, ASUS, and more models. USB-A Type provides quick charging at up to 18W for all mobile phones, including the iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, and other models. Spigen Intelligent Safety Technology makes charging simple and secure. Intelligent Safety Technology controls heat dissipation, lowers ripple noise, and upholds voltage and current stability.

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