Snag Apple iPhone 6S For Just $154 From Amazon

iPhone 6S

Planning to give an iPhone to someone? What about a 32 GB storage iPhone 6s and Space Gray for just $154? Take an iPhone 6, load it with iOS 13 and you will notice that you don’t miss anything in comparison to newer models. It’s snappy, portable, fun, it ought to be all a smartphone. You will be delighted to learn that you can pick up a new and unlocked model for a low price of $154, and for just a limited period of time if you plan to gift someone an iPhone 6.

The 4.7″ Retina display on your iPhone 6s is still the size of millions of users in 2020. It is not only extremely convenient to use but for a wide range of reasons, it is a very good display. 3D Touch is present here, for example. Just press a link or icon deeply and more details will be provided. Then there’s the A9 processor that is very snappy if you run iOS 13. The cameras are sufficiently good for pictures and even record 4K video if you like.

As it’s a renewed cell phone, it remains in battery health with 80% or more. In the box you get a cable and a charger that are MFI-certified, that is a good thing. This phone is also completely unlocked-just insert the SIM card of your choice and it will work out.

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