Smartphone Accessories: Grab Anker’s Wireless Charger For Just $8

Anker Wireless Charger-min

If on your desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, and bathroom sink you have no wireless charging pad, then you are missing out, my mate. No comments, the advantage of wireless charging apps on your smartphone offers a really comfortable experience. When you apply promotional code SDB25312 at checkout at Amazon, Anker PowerWave Wireless charging pads drops to just $8 each today. That’s just a few pennies away from the already affordable $20 cost and drops the couple lower than we ever saw. Use Amazon Prime to save shipping charges, or spend at least $25.

Many current smartphones can charge wirelessly and the majority of new devices also have the ability. You can even load things like Galaxy Buds from Samsung or Apple AirPods of the second generation. Wireless charging is essentially a big part of future technology. Get these portable charge pads at a discount and a year from now you will still use them.

Such pads offer high-speed 10W charging for Samsung Galaxy products and other compliant phones, offering easy 7.5W charging for any iPhone with wireless charging feature. Other devices supporting regular Qi charge power up to 5W. You can use the LED indicator to find out whether the charging status of the unit is too big or not, or between the phone and the charger, Fortunately, with most cases, the pads work up to 5 mm thick. Some metal or cards in the back are stopped from being loaded. The 18-month warranty is provided for your purchase.

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