Simultaneously Charge iPhone & iPad With This $17 BESTEK 300W Power Car Inverter

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter-min

On Amazon, the Bestek 300W DC 12V power inverter is down to $16.98. For this cost, you have to cut the 10% off on-page coupon and then use the RB3BNCIS coupon code during checkout. Both discounts stack together to save you the most. This power inverter was around for a little more than a year and never fell under $30, even though we saw it sell via other codes before.

The power inverter can do what it says, it changes the power from DC to AC in your car You can plug in your mobile devices and powerful devices like a laptop and power them with your car’s battery using two AC outlets and two USB ports. You will have two 110V AC outlets and two 2.4A ports, great for all kinds of equipment.

The inverter is also very small and lightweight so that it fits with little trouble in your vehicle. It is essentially the size of an iPhone, so you can take it on holidays or on work lines. Take it when you visit somewhere in your rental car. The lighter plug for cigarettes is 24 inches long, which means it can fit in most cars, even where the lighter area is difficult to reach or integrate.

The integrated security features protect your new device and everything inside. There is a 40-amp fuse built-in which your device can be protected. It is also designed to protect it from overheating, overloading, short-circulation and more. It also has a smart cooling fan system and advanced protection against drops and bumps. At first, the fan will remain mostly quiet and only revitalize after the device begins to warm up or the output goes beyond 70W.

With an 18-month guarantee, Bestek supports this.

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