You almost certainly have never heard of the Yeedi brand before, but this makes sense because it’s pretty new. However, we’ve bet you’ve heard about Ecovacs, and Yeedi’s a larger spinoff brand. The new Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Yeedi K700 is one of the first large releases of the company and has already been received by customers for some great reviews. Now, thanks to an Amazon coupon, it is on sale for the first time with a big discount.

The new K700 has all features you would like, including strong suction, quiet motor, intelligent navigation, and much more, for the mid-range robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, however, it has a mopping mode that cleans your entire hard flooring and gives it a brilliant shine. Furthermore, the manufacturer notes that a disinfectant can be added to kill 99 percent of germs on your floor. This is where things like the new coronavirus tend to settle, and the floors are often forgotten to be disinfected.

Yeedi’s K700 vacuum robot is $350 and at this price, it’s a solid value. But now head over to Amazon and you will find the $150 discount to only $199.99. This is the first big vacuum on this brilliant new robot and will probably not last much longer, so take action before it’s too late.

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