Score $10 Off On Apple iPod Touch On Amazon

Stepping into the ecosystem of Apple is generally a costly undertaking, which is why the latest Apple iPod touch is perfect for anyone seeking a way in without spending more than $500. Whether you’re looking to subscribe to Apple Arcade or want a dedicated Apple Music player, thanks to its updated A10 processing chip, this iPod touch keeps up with all the latest iOS apps and games with no problems.

Released this year only in May, today is your chance to score the first major discount for these new devices to hit Amazon. The latest iPod touch Silver and PRODUCT(RED) models with 32 GB storage capacity are on sale for just $189, saving you $10 off their usual cost — you’ll find slight discounts on a few other color and storage variants, though none are as good as these.

For those who want access to all the games and apps you can find exclusively on iOS, the iPod touch has always been a nifty device. It can be your dedicated gaming device, or a dedicated media player, or something you give to the children when they get bored in the car. It has a slim, four-inch form factor and even supports for AR games such as Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Unite Wizards! There is no Face ID or Touch ID, no cellular or Apple Watch connectivity, and there is no Portrait Mode. Fortunately, the 8MP camera can still take beautiful pictures without it.

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