Expand Your iPhone Storage With This 1TB Flash Drive For $28

The SCICNCE iPhone Flash Drive 1TB is currently on sale for $28.49 without the need for a promotional code during checkout. With the current deal, you may directly save 25% off the asking price.

The USB flash drive that works with iPhones is made of frosted aluminum alloy and has a distinctive retractable shape in addition to a useful keychain design. The design of the thumb drives can transfer the memory stick and keep it from getting lost while also preventing damage to the port connector while they are not in use.

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Memory sticks that work with iPhone ports, USB 3.0, Micro USB, and Type C devices (independent adapters) can easily finish data sharing by transferring data between various devices. You may quickly back up a number of things, including videos, photos, and documents, using the memory stick plug-and-play. This frees up time and does away with tedious paste copying. When the picture stick is plugged into an iPhone, Android, computer, etc., you may directly store the video and photos you’ve taken on the flash drives without using up the device’s capacity.

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With the help of the free APP “Y-DISK,” which supports all common video and audio formats, you can stream directly from the USB flash drive. You’ll gain valuable time and space by doing this. On a SCICNCE USB memory stick, you can instantly record videos and take pictures using an app. You can completely protect people’s privacy using touch ID encryption and a password.


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