You Can Easily Scan Documents From An iPhone With These Step

iPhone Document Print

Did you know, iOS 11 & later have a hidden document scanning feature inside the Notes app? If you don’t know yet then we are here to guide you to enable this awesome feature.

Gone are the days when you had to buy document scanning apps from the Appstore. This feature is now built into the latest iOS’s Notes app. But many users might be unaware of this.

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Now scan important documents right from your Notes app from iPhone and iPad. No need for big scanning machines or third-party apps. With the Notes app, scan useful documents on the go!

How to Scan Document from An iPhone On Notes App

scan document ios 11 notes app

  1. Launch Notes App
  2. Create a new Note
  3. Tap the [+] Sign
  4. Tap Scan Documents
  5. Place the camera on a document that you want to scan. The best part is you even don’t need to tap the camera shutter. It automatically adjusts the angle and takes the best scan copy of the document for you.
  6. Tap Keep Scan and Save to save it to the Notes App.

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