Save Up To $10 On Native Union Drop High Speed Wireless Smartphone Chargers Today At Amazon

Native Union Drop - High Speed Wireless Charger-min

If you’ve ever gone to an apple store, you’ll know that Apple’s doomed AirPower has been replaced by the wireless chargers of Native Union. Native Union makes some of the most elegant and capable wireless chargers for any phone today, in addition to other popular accessories for Apple products. Their level of detail and skill has made it possible to use the Apple Store shelves as the company’s recommended wireless charger of preference.

The one thing that could possibly block the addition of these wireless chargers to your home or office is the price. Chargers from the Native Union are certainly not cheap-you definitely pay for the quality. However, the company decided to join Prime Day and to discount its chargers by 20%! See some of the best deals to find the right charge for your requirements.

Native Union Drop wireless charger: $39 ($10 OFF)

Native Union Dock wireless charger stand: $56 ($14 OFF)

If you are awaiting the right time to collect high quality wireless chargers, Prime Day sales from Native Union is a perfect time to uplift your wireless game.

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