Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth iPad & Mac Keyboard Costs Just $60 Today

_Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard-min

A great keyboard can make typing on a desk fun and increase your productivity throughout the day. Nobody wants to work on a mushy keyboard with little or no key journey to type in. If you have a Mac, you probably use an Apple Magic keyboard and, while it works, almost every way is better and cheaper, thanks to Prime Day-even more so.

It’s unusually slim, with a conical design that lifts the upper keys on your wrists somewhat easier. Satechi has a few thicker rubber feet inside the package, if that is not enough, to make the row even bigger. Apple magic keyboard 2, with all the same Mac-centric iconography and F-row functions, is closely matched to the keyboard layout.

Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard-min

One of the biggest advantages of this keyboard over Apple’s own offers is that it can match up to three devices at a time. To enter pairing mode, you can press and hold one of these three Bluetooth buttons for a few seconds and quickly switch between devices when you are paired using the same buttons. This enables you to use it on your Mac, MacBook, and iPad only by pressing a few buttons, making it the ultimate keyboard for multiple devices to work on.

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