It Just Take $119 To Get Your MacBook The Sabrent Rocket Nano 1TB SSD Costs $159 Originally

Sabrent Rocket Nano 1TB USB 3.2 10Gb:s External Aluminum SSD

Either way, that Sabrent Rocket SSD Nano 1TB deal for Cyber Monday’s is all too easy to do—get 1TB of Amazon at a price just $119.24 or 25 percent off at the standard $158.99 price.

Backing up the computer is one of the most important things anyone can do. After all, it is a machine with a lifetime of photographs, videos, documents, files, and a ton of other data. You’ll want to make sure that your stuff is backed up somewhere, like in the cloud or on an external Time Machine drive, in case anything happens to your computer. You might want to have copies of your most important files on an external drive, even if you don’t want to backup your entire computer. Perhaps you just need some extra space on the internal storage of your computer? You will also be helped out there by an external SSD.

One of the smallest external SSDs we’ve seen is the Sabrent Rocket Nano, which is around 3 inches long and weighs just 6.4 ounces.  And even if this is small, up to 1TB of data can be stored on this compact SSD, and data transmission speeds up to 100MB/s can be supported.

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It is also sleekly sandblasted in aluminum alloy so that it not only looks good but is also good. Sabrent Rocket Nano is quite durable due to its aluminum alloy, so it should be able to withstand being tossed into a bag and anything else. This external SSD also works perfectly with plug-and-play compatible macOS and does not require the use of any additional drivers.

If you need a portable but durable 1TB SSD, we highly suggest the Sabrent Rocket Nano.

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