Rumor: iOS 18 Could adopt new designs like Vision Pro for iPhone & iPad

There has been a lot of speculation and excitement surrounding the upcoming release of iOS 18, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone and iPad. One of the most intriguing rumors is that iOS 18 could carry design cues from Vision Pro Design, a new interface introduced in the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system, macOS Monterey.

Vision Pro Design is a sleek and modern interface that has received rave reviews for its clean lines, intuitive navigation, and enhanced productivity features. It offers a seamless user experience that combines aesthetics with functionality, making it a favorite among Mac users. If the rumors are true, bringing this design philosophy to iOS 18 could be a game-changer for iPhone and iPad users.


One of the key features of Vision Pro Design is its focus on content. The interface minimizes distractions and puts the user’s content front and center. This approach allows users to fully immerse themselves in their work or media consumption without any unnecessary clutter. By adopting this design principle, iOS 18 could provide a more immersive and focused experience for iPhone and iPad users.

Another aspect of Vision Pro Design that could make its way to iOS 18 is the use of vibrant colors and dynamic animations. The interface features a refreshed color palette that adds a sense of vibrancy and liveliness to the user experience. These subtle visual enhancements not only make the interface more visually appealing but also help to improve usability by providing visual cues and feedback.

In addition to the visual changes, Vision Pro Design also introduces new productivity features such as Quick Note and Focus Mode. Quick Note allows users to write down notes or ideas quickly, even when using other apps or browsing the web. Focus mode, on the other hand, helps users stay in the zone by minimizing distractions and tailoring the device’s notifications to their needs.

If iOS 18 indeed incorporates design influences from Vision Pro Design, iPhone and iPad users can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient workflow. The integration of Quick Note and Focus mode could significantly enhance productivity on these devices, making it easier to stay organized and focused on tasks at hand.

While these rumors are exciting, it’s important to note that Apple has not officially confirmed any details about iOS 18’s design or features. As with any speculation, it’s best to take these rumors with a grain of salt until Apple makes an official announcement.

Regardless of whether iOS 18 incorporates design cues from Vision Pro Design or not, Apple has a history of refining and improving its operating systems with each new release. iPhone and iPad users can expect a host of new features and enhancements that will further enhance their overall experience.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding iOS 18 borrowing design cues from Vision Pro Design are certainly intriguing. The potential for a more immersive, streamlined, and productive user experience on the iPhone and iPad is undoubtedly exciting. However, until Apple provides official confirmation, we can only speculate and eagerly await the release of iOS 18 to see what it has in store for us but we can still see Apple’s Vision icon style in the iMessage app to open a photo picker.

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