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Richwell USB Flash Drive 256GB

Get the Richwell USB Flash Drive 256GB via Amazon for a $4.20 discount today. The 15% discount decreases the cost of the product from $27.96 to $23.76 if you get it soon.

This is a USB Flash Drive, which easily transfers photos and videos between phones, pads, pcs, and computers. Compatible with the most recent phone Plus phone X Xs Max and iOS 8 or later.

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Download the app for free. Search and download from the app store (Phone Only work by this App). Android devices are plug-and-play devices that do not require the installation of applications or programs.

It’s a plug-and-play device, so no drivers are required to use it. Phone Photo Stick USB Flash Drive No more annoying warning messages on the latest iOS devices, Mac Android PCs, and IOS8.0 and higher system versions.

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Excellent appearance, convenient external drive, extended storage, expanded mobile device storage capacity at all times don’t worry about mobile memory.

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