Replace WiFi Router And Extenders With Tenda NOVA Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, 3 Pack For Just $109

Tenda NOVA Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

The Tenda Nova 3 node 802.11-ac Mesh Wi-Fi (MW5) is being offered by Amazon for $108.99. This is $31 off the usual rate and one of the best offers we’ve been able to track. The price in the mesh network begins to collapse with an increasing competition The 3-node mesh system is ready to accommodate large homes up to 3,500 square feet. Owners should mark two Ethernet ports on the back of each node so that a real wire can easily be operated on various devices in the house to improve reliability. 4/5 star rating.

Product Highlights:

A real mesh network supports mandatory mesh Wi-Fi technical Protocol 802. 11S, The next-gen wireless router built for your smart home.

Router & extender replacement: Replaces existing router and Wi-Fi extender solution, works as a real mesh wireless access point system behind the current router.

High capacity and complete flexibility: creates a seamless, one Name mesh Wi-Fi environment for your high-capacity network demands. Supports a maximum of 6 connected devices simultaneously.

Seamless roaming for all: every unit works together to form a real mesh Wi-Fi network, creating a truly seamless online experience.

Easy setup: Tenda Wi-Fi App helps you set up, monitor and manage your home Mesh Wi-Fi network easily and quickly.

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