Get This Discounted Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller Grip For Your Smartphone At $66

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

The Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller Grip for Android Smartphones is currently being offered by Amazon at $66.16. The deal today saves $14, usually fetching $80, and beats our last mention by $1, marking a new all-time low we’ve tracked. Mobile gaming is increasing and while touchscreens work decently for certain genres, others benefit much more from a control. For “great accuracy and tactile feedback,” it provides clickable analog thumbsticks. This can really help your mobile go to new heights. Plus, for additional inputs, there is a D-pad. It doesn’t require external power and is compatible with Microsoft’s xCloud, Google Stadia, and many other platforms using USB-C to connect to your Android smartphone. 4.5/5 stars rated.

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Product Details:

Clickable Analog Thumbsticks for Great Accuracy and Tactile Feedback: Refine your aim and execution with a familiar console controller experience, supported by an array of face and bumper buttons, as well as a D-pad for extra inputs.

Fits Most Android Devices for Seamless Compatibility: The controller’s flexible design allows it to be stretched and clamped on a variety of phones and tablets, providing a secure hold that’ll never come loose.

Latency-Free Game Play for Smooth Control: Unlike wireless Bluetooth controllers which produce lag, this controller has zero latency because it connects directly to your device’s charging port—which means instant button response.

Type C Charging Port to Charge Your Device While in Use: If your phone or tablet is running low while you’re gaming with the controller still attached, simply hook up a charging cable to the controller itself to get the device charging.

Ergonomic Design for a Comfortable Handheld Grip: Designed for long gaming sessions, the controller feels great to hold and has optimized button placements to make sure each button press feels natural and intuitive.

Cloud Gaming Compatible for Next-Gen Gaming: With the reality of playing AAA releases on any screen, having the controller attached to your device provides a form factor convenient and portable enough to truly game anywhere.

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