For Apple’s iPhone 12, MagSafe is one of the clever, yet unseen new enhancements, implementing a magnetic anchor under the backing glass on which you can snap a wireless charger and other accessories. However, the accessories are costly in classic Apple mode: the MagSafe charging pad itself is 39 USD without the¬†power brick, which will cost you another 19 USD.

Here is a more cost-effective MagSafe charger from third-party manufacturer RAVPower, which offers a wide range of great phone and other device accessories. This charger magnetically snaps onto the back of any model iPhone 12 and provides the same type of wireless charging speed, plus it can be used for AirPods Pro and AirPods cases that can be charged wirelessly.

The 20W USB-C PD power adapter is also available to connect it to the wall and you have to pay $23 right now to clip the coupon on the Amazon page and then use the KJ2WC012 at check-out. That’s less than half the cost of purchasing Apple’s own parts.

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