QiDock Power Bank With Attached Wireless Charging Pad For Smartphone Available Today At Discounted Price


If you need an additional boost in energy for your phone, a power bank is a good choice. A great option for desk uses the Scosche not only works as an independent Qi power bank, its included dock also serves as a vertical charger. While it saves less energy than the competition, the power bank can charge your phone as well as itself while at the stand, and keep your mobile phone at a comfortable angle.

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The Scosche also comes with a USB-A port if you need to charge on the go, so you’re not limited to Qi charging alone. This is only the second deal that we have seen throughout the year, so if you are looking for a power bank that can pull double-duty charging booths like Qi, that is a great opportunity.

Product Details:

PORTABLE QiDOCK CHARGER: Wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices on the charging base and the 5000 mAh power bank simultaneously with or without the dock. The charged Powerbank can be taken anywhere.

LED BATTERY INDICATOR: The first LED indicator illuminates green when its plugged and then changes to blue when it’s charging your device; 4 orange lights indicate the amount of power in the battery

Qi WIRELESS CHARGING: The QiDock is compatible with most Qi-enabled fast charging devices

2 in 1 Design: Charge your Qi or USB device with or without the dock in either portrait or landscape mode

INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: (1) Qi Charging Dock with charging base and attached USB cable, (1) Powerbank portable battery pack and (1) User manual; 3 year warranty

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