Puroma Detachable MacBook Air/Pro Stand Drops To $17 Only

It’s fine and dandy to work from a laptop, but you can run into some problems. It can be difficult to find room for an external keyboard and mouse, as it can make sure your posture is not horrible. Furthermore, putting a laptop on a table or desk and working for several hours at a time can mean that your fans start to sound like a jet engine as your computer works to keep it cool. A laptop riser like this Puroma Laptop Stand can solve all these problems, and today you can click Amazon’s on-page coupon for just $16.96 to nab one. Typically this product costs about $21 and customer reviews are positive so far.

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This stand is light and user-friendly. It’s also easy to assemble. Even a screwdriver is included in your purchase to help you put all together. The booth is compatible with up to 17-inch laptops. There are a couple of adjustable heights to choose from when your laptop rests on it. There are robust and flexible support bars that prevent your laptop from wiggling around when you type it while on the stand. The riser also features non-slip pads to stabilize everything, and your computer won’t scratch the bars on which your laptop rests. Note that this booth is not foldable, but to make it more portable you can disassemble it. This is not the most practical solution, though. If you are unable to negotiate a foldable stand, this option may be a better fit.

Check out this inexpensive bundle to take advantage of the extra space now that you have enough room on your desk for an external keyboard and mouse.

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