Grab This Qi-Certified Anker Wireless Charging Stand For Your iPhone At $24 (Save $6)

PowerWave 7.5 wireless charging stand

Anker via Amazon is currently offering the PowerWave 7.5 wireless charging stand for $24. Today’s direct discount allows you to save 20 percent on this charger which amounts to $6.

The Anker Wireless Charging Stand is a device that allows you to charge your device wireless Works with most Wireless phones, including the latest iPhone and other flagship handsets, at high speed. Fast Charge 3.0 wall loader necessary.

Snag 5 Pack Of 3ft Lighting Cable For $6.79

Change the orientation of the landscape when you watch videos or portraits for the message and face recognition model. Don’t fumble with the smartphone case.

Power Up Your iPhone, AirPods & Apple Watch Wirelessly With This Discounted Wireless Charger

PowerWave charges by protective cases directly. The only case of less than 5 mm thick rubber/plastic/TPU. The charge will be avoided by magnet and metal attachments or cards.

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