Pickup This POWERADD Apple Certified 30 Pin Apple Charger For Your Old Apple Device At $5

POWERADD Apple Certified 30 Pin Apple Charger

Grab POWERADD Apple Certified 30 Pin Apple Charger for $5 with a direct discount. You save 27 percent with this offer today.

POWERADD 30 pin USB and cable-Apple-certified is perfect for charging and syncing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to Mac or Windows PC or connecting to any standard USB wall port or USB car charger for your iDevices.

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More Details:

Certified by Apple(MFI), meets/exceeds Appleā€™s performance standards.

4.0 feet(1.2 meters) Apple 30-pin connector to USB Type-A cable.

2-in-1 function: charging and transferring data at the same time.

Durable cable jacket protectors wire cores and resist kinks and tangles, lightweight and easily coiled, highly durable construction for reliability.

Compatible with iPad 1/2/3, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3F/3GS, iPod nano 5th/6th generations, and iPod Touch 3rd/4th generations.

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