Power Your Apple Device With $5 Off Anker Power Strip

Anker’s USB Power Strip 2 could be the next essential accessory you add to your packing list for someone who never needs just one power outlet. This compact power strip is equipped with two AC outlets and two USB charging ports so that you can power four devices simultaneously with just one wall outlet, and its USB ports even deliver an optimized charge based on what type of device is currently connected.

While Amazon usually sells the USB Power Strip 2 for $24, you can pick one up for just $18.99 for a limited time. This $5 drop in price is the lowest price it has ever reached since it was released last July.

Anker’s USB Power Strip 2 will be a tech accessory you won’t want to travel without, as it allows you to turn one wall outlet into four charging methods. You can leave your voluminous USB wall adapters to power you at home forever. These two high-powered USB charging ports have a maximum output of 24W and provide an optimized charge based on the plug-in device, while the AC outlets have a max output of 1250W. No surge protection is included which also makes this power strip a viable option for bringing along on a cruise.

Its power plug is designed to be slim enough to plug in behind furniture and other tight spaces, and there is even a non-slip base to prevent the power strip from sliding around on your furniture while in use. Anker included a few safety precautions including a thick, rubber-coated power cable, fire-retardant enclosure, and internal safety shutter that prevents random objects from stuck in the outlet holes. With your purchase, you will also receive an 18-month warranty.

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