Power Up iPhone & Apple Watch Together With Discounted Anker PowerWave+ Wireless Charger

The Apple AirPower charger has been enabled, but there is still a lot to load, especially as the newest iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5 devices reach consumers. Apple also has to load both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Fortunately, Anker has a PowerWave+ Pad now offset $12 when entering promotional code VPRD2570 while checking out. This reduces the lowest price of this dual-function wireless charger to $47.99, which corresponds with the lowest we have ever seen. This product seldom drops out of the $60 MSRP so you don’t want to miss this opportunity to add it at a discount to your desk or nightstand.

Anker’s PowerWave 10 dual pad would be a better fit if you aren’t an owner of Apple Watch. While it usually costs around $60, the VPRD2571 promo code is decreased to $47.99 during checkout. This product can charge two telephones at a time at 7.5W each wirelessly and comes with a power supply adapter.

The PowerWave+ Pad combines an Apple Watch stand with a Qi charging pad, to power your iPhone 8 or more wirelessly. It comes with a Quick Charge wall charger and a6-foot Micro USB Cable from PowerLine to connect to the back of the pad. The Qi charger can charge your iPhone quickly with 7.5W and works up to 5 mm through cases. You use the Apple Watch stand to power your existing charge cable and keep it clean and clean at the base of the pad. If you are using Nightstand mode or laying it flat, you can choose to prop up the watch. It may also be worth taking an additional charging cable for Apple Watch to be used with the stand or to have a supply during your journey.

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