Potensic D68 Drones Features Auto Return Home With 25 Mins Flight Time, Available Today At $210

Prime Day 2020 may have been delayed this year, but Amazon certainly took some of the craziest deals that we have seen in a long, long time to wait. Now, Prime Day is done, unfortunately. Well, it’s done — Amazon has apparently forgotten to end some of his hottest Prime Day deals, so if you hurry, you can get them now.

We have one more for you on Thursday, after you’ve done checking out the deep discounts.

Potensic D68 Drones with Camera for Adults 4K FHD-min

A good drone makes everybody on your list a perfect gift. It also gives you a great gift, and drones don’t get much better than the Potensic D68 Drone if you don’t want to spend hundreds more on a professional model. However, we don’t know why anyone would like this great drone to cover all the bases for a fraction of the price.

The D68 quadcopter by Potensic is down to a footprint that’s just slightly larger than a smartphone. A high-quality 4K camera, a continuous fly time of 25 minutes, an engine without brushes, a “follow me” function, an auto-return home feature, and GPS are the most important features of the system. Everything that is wrapped up in a $280 package — but not if you order one today. Amazon offers a $20 discount and a $50 coupon is also available on the product page. That’s just the final price of $209.99 that’s insane!

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