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PITAKA Air Omni 6-in-1 Multi-Functional Wireless Charging Station For Apple Device Available Today At Discounted Price

It’s sometimes like that Homer Simpson, the car that designed bankrupt his brother’s business has created every idea he’s got into a product. But sometimes you get a lovely, all-round product like the wireless charging station Pitaka Air Omni 6 in 1. It’s usually $159 but when applying the AIROMNI11 discount code at the check-out, you can get the device for $135.

This charging pad is ludicrous and impressive in equal parts. Six gears? Yep, 6–3 Wireless pad and 3 wired. Let’s assume you’re an iOS household, like me, for a moment. The iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone can be charged up on top and two other ports still exist – USB-C and USB-A – for more of your devices.

But it gets better if that isn’t insane enough for you. In fact, a combo lightning and USB connection are the tablets charging port; a mechanic switch is required to select the connected device. One of the slides out of the way for the other. You can load any tablet and not just an iPad.

A similar button flips up or down the Apple Watch charger. The watch can be placed on the charge pad flat or the pad pivots up 90 degrees to put the watch in Nightstand mode if you prefer. There is another reason to turn your watch up: When it’s flat, your watch band blocks the third recharge coil, which is bigger than a wireless earbud case, like AirPods. However, everything fits in the nightstand mode.

Have I said that there’s a small light drawer for rings or other small gems? And on the journey, the backrest of the tablet flips and folds down against the base.

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