Pickup This Apple MFi Certified Nylon Braided Lightning Cable For $10

It’s hard to get through a good Lightning cable. Experienced cables that fray, bend, warp, or just don’t measure in one way or another. If you’re like me, it doesn’t help and you tend to misplace your charging cables shortly after you buy them. Do you need a new or four Lightning cable? During checkout at Amazon, you can use code XCENTZ264 to pay only $9.99 for this well-rated Xcentz 10-Foot MFi-Certified Lightning Cable. That’s almost 30% off the normal cost as well as matching the best deal we’ve shared for this particular cable. The code is valid for versions of silver and blue. By spending at least $25 or using Amazon Prime, you will get free shipping.

Because of its double-braided nylon exterior, this cable resists fraying and warping. It is rated to bear more than 30,000 bends. The MFi certification means that all iOS devices will also play well. It has incredible tensile strength, great reviews of customers, and a lifetime guarantee. The fact it’s 10 feet long is the cake’s icing. No more uncomfortable sitting or straining positions when you’re in bed to use your phone. This cable is long enough to keep it permanently plugged into the awkward AC outlet behind your couch or at the opposite end of your office, making better use of unused receptacles.

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