Pickup NOVOO 10000 mAh Power Bank For iPhone & iPad At Just $14

Amazon is currently offering the Novoo 10000mAh USB-C PD portable charger for $13.99. Normally the battery pack sells in the amount of about $22, but only fell once before it came back to the full price.

It’s intended to be super compact. It’s smaller and super lightweight than a credit card. You can carry it with you, either to store it in a backpack or to put it in your pocket. Which makes it pretty easy to top your device while seated on the subway. Or maybe during class or a meeting you can use it to recharge your device discreetly.

All your gear can be recharged with a single USB-C port with an 18W power supply. Quick Charge 3.0 technology is provided for the USB-A port on the other hand. You can load an iPhone XR fully with Fast Charge in less than two hours. The capacity of the 10000mAh battery gives you a lot of juice. Before you connect to an outlet, you’ll get several full charges. Based on 40 reviews, users give it 4.3 stars.

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