Pickup Mpow Car Mount For Your Smartphone From Amazon At $6 Only

Mpow 051 Car Phone Mount

A phone mount could seriously be helpful if you rely on your phone to find a way around town when driving. Today at Amazon, two versions are on sale so that you are just $5.99. You will only need to use the appropriate promotional code for this low price during your check-out, and there is also a coupon on the page you need to clip on. Given that you usually sell twice, this is an agreement you’re not going to want to miss.

Mpow’s two mounts on sale today are down to $5.99, so you’d like to select the best one for your car. The first option is the Mpow CD Slot Car Mount on your vehicle to keep your device stable. Just use the SIHUXBVI promo code at check out to save 50% off your current price. These mounts are compliant with almost every smartphone, so you don’t have to worry whether or not your device is right. However, if your device has a chunky protective case, it could prevent it from fitting into the mount. With this option, you can rotate your phone in portrait or landscape mode at 360 degrees.

This Mpow Dashboard Car Phone Mount is, in the meantime, a more traditional mount with a suction cup. It can stick to your dashboard or windscreen and today it’s only $5.99 if you clip the coupon and use the 7N233U8E prompt code while checking out.

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