Pickup AUKEY 10W 3 Coil Wireless Smartphone Charger For Just $15

AUKEY Wireless Charger

There is no need to stick a wireless charger in every corner of your home with them cheaply. The 10W wireless charging pad in AUKEY costs only $15 when you check out on the ZPYYVZ66 coupon code.

The 10W charging speed makes it a much more daily charger than something you just put on your bedside stand while you’re sleeping. Naturally, iPhone users can enjoy their maximum of 7.5W charge speeds.

This excessive pad is filled with three charge coils, which unfortunately can not simultaneously charge multiple phones, but that means that your phone and charger don’t have to pick and place to the perfect spot to get their love thing on.

Product Highlights:

Wireless Charging: Fast charge your Samsung Galaxy S10+ at 10W (when using Samsung’s Fast Charging wall charger or a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 charger) or your iPhone 11 Pro Max at 7.5W. Also supports 5W standard wireless charging

3-Coil Charger: Featuring 3 charging coils for simpler device placement and more reliable charging

Premium Design: Soft TPU charging surface keeps your device in place while charging. Sleek & compact design is ideal for home or office

Safety Features: Temperature control, foreign object detection, power input monitoring, and more ensure safe and reliable operation

Package Contents: AUKEY LC-Q7 Graphite XL 10W Wireless Fast Charger, User Manual, 24-Month Promise, and Customer Support

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