Pickup Amazon’s Well Rated AUKEY Car Phone Mount 360 Degree For iPhone At $13.49

AUKEY Car Phone Mount 360 Degree

You can pick up AUKEY Car Phone Mount for $13.49 with today’s Cyber Monday offer. Cyber Monday is already live at Amazon if you don’t know already.

The base can rotate by 360°, and the adjustable arm and ball joint makes it easy to find the ideal phone viewing angle.

Sets your dashboard securely on a flat surface. Features a slightly curved or uniform surface sticker base.

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Hold your phone or GPS on your car dashboard securely using four powerful magnets. Just pick up your destination and go. Note that wireless charge doesn’t work if a magnetic plate is attached to or inside your device.

The circular metal plate included for smaller phones) and a rectangular metal plate (for larger phones) can be easily slipped between the phone and case or securely attached to the back of your phone.

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