Pickup 5TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive For Mac At Huge Discount Today

The A60 rugged 5 TB portable hard drive from Silicon Power Armor is down to $109.99 on Amazon. We’ve never previously shared a deal on this drive’s 5 TB version as it normally sells for about $140 and doesn’t drop off.

The 1 TB drive is going for $50, so for five times space you’re paying only about twice the price. Do you know what’s called that? Value.

The Armor A60 drive is shockproof in military-style and is rated as IPX4. The shock resistance means that you can drop it inside your backpack from a reasonable height or jostle it without worrying about breaking it. That IPX4 means that from any direction it can be splashed by water and has no harmful effect.

A ton of systems is wildly compatible with the drive. It’s formatted to FAT32, for example, so it will work on Mac or Windows without reformatting. If you are transferring any single files larger than 4 GB, however, you should re-format to exFAT (and remember to back up the drive before you do that you will not lose anything). The drive also works with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. So you can’t just add a few more games to play for your system, you can also take it with you without worrying about it if you’re the kind of person taking your console places.

The drive case is designed to hold the required cables and comes with a short USB-A to USB-A cable that you can use. Do not worry about leaving the cables somewhere else or having no easy way to carry them, unless you decide to upgrade to something bigger like a 6-foot USB cable for this drive.

Silicon Power gives it a three-year guarantee, and users give it 4.5 stars based on 106 reviews.

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