Pick Up Six Apple Watch Bands For $6 Only

What’s the fun for your Apple Watch to have just a few bands? You’ve probably got plenty of faces to swap to keep things fresh. I, myself, am part of the Jellyfish. Why don’t your Watch bands do the same? Today Amazon offers six Miterv Silicone 38 mm Apple Watch Bands for just $6 when you first click the 10% off coupon on-page and then apply HEWXTJKO code during checkout. This six-pack sells for $20 if not on sale. Note that this deal is only valid for the product being linked and only for the size of 38/40 mm. If that sounds like your Apple Watch and you’re on the additional bands market, then this deal is pretty much a no-brainer. Without a doubt, I can say I’m going to get in on it personally.

Note that it would make this deal less desirable for shipping fees. You can either spend $25 or avoid using Amazon Prime. Not a member of the Prime yet? Here’s a free trial for 30 days.

Based on 426 testimonials, these silicone bands received a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars. They are compatible with all Apple Watch’s 38 mm and 40 mm versions. With a stainless steel buckle and 13 holes for various wrist sizes, each band is durable and soft. A one-year guarantee is also included in your purchase. You’ll get bands of reddish-pink in white, black, teal, and three shades. Even if you’re not in love with all the colors, just keeping a few of them and giving away those that aren’t your favorite is worth getting into this deal. I doubt the recipient of the gift will know you’ve paid only a dollar.

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