Resolve Your Charging Problem With This 3 In 1 Wireless Charging Station For $28

The PEXXUS Portable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station is on sale right now at Amazon for just $27.99. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 22 percent on the original price.

You can control clutter with PEXXUS Wireless Charging Stations, which allow you to see a stylish charging stand on your counter, desk, or bedside rather than a tangle of cables. By giving you a single location for your phone, smartwatch, and wireless earphones, it can further simplify your setup. Although it might not be as quick or effective as wired charging, this charging station can be a lot more practical.

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A portable charger is essential to have since it keeps our phones, watches, and Airpods charged when we need them most during this period of company and home job switching. Each of us has experienced leaving the house with a low battery at some point. As a result, you won’t need three distinct chargers but rather just one portable charger for all of your smart gadgets. Provides power of up to 15W, charging Android smartphones at up to 10W and iPhones at up to 7.5W. Some gadgets that support wireless charging can only produce 5W of power.

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If your phone is in a case, don’t panic the Boost Up works with cases up to 7mm thick. Please refrain from using the Lightning port to charge your iPhone. The charger also has a foreign object identification feature that allows it to recognize whether a phone is not aligned properly or if a foreign item is in the way of it while it is charging.

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