Grab This Highly Rated Stylus Pen For Your iPad At $10

ORIbox Stylus Pen

The ORIbox Stylus Pen for iPad is being sold today at Amazon for $9.81. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 16 percent on the original price.

All capacitive touch screen devices, including Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods, Kindles, Samsung Galaxy, Android Cell Phones, and Tablets, are compatible with the Oribox Disc Stylus Pen. The tip is constructed of a delicate, sensitive touch-resistant fiber mesh, and the revolutionary fiber tips design allows for greater precision than rubber tips.

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When gliding smoothly and quickly across the screen, the mesh tip is both comfortable and silent. Protect your screen from fingerprints, grease, scratches, and other forms of wear & tear. The body is made of lightweight aluminum and has a robust mesh fiber tip. This mesh-tipped stylus is much safer and lasts far longer than rubber ones.

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This type of fiber stylus is small and light. The clip style is ideal for fastening into your pocket, iPad, journal, and other similar items. All capacitive touch screen devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, tablets, Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle, are 100 percent compatible.

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