ORIbox Car Phone Mount Is Perfect For Your iPhone 13 At $9

The ORIbox Car Phone Mount is being sold today at Amazon for $8.89. Normally selling for $12.83, today’s offer allows you to save directly 31 percent on the original price without applying any special discount code at the checkout.

The Mount Base should be cleaned, it is recommended that you do not put your iPhone on the product within 24 Hours, do not expose it to strong sunlight. And do not drive on rugged roads for better sturdiness.

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50 percent bond strength in 20 minutes, 90 percent bond strength in 24 hours, and 100 percent bond strength in 72 hours. Clean the area where you want to stick it. Please leave for 24 hours to see the full effect. The longer you leave it, the more viscous it becomes.

For the sake of traffic regulation and safety! You Can Have Your Hands Free At Any Time While Driving With Powerful Neodymium Magnets, Advanced Strong Adhesive, And Two Magnet Sheets.

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Permanent Neodymium Magnets, a Solid Alloy Body, and a Liquid Silicone Interface make up this car mount. When you touch it, you’ll fall in love with it even more, and it’ll be the best quality for your car. It is recommended that you do not put your phone on the product within 24 hours, do not expose it to direct sunlight, and do not drive on rough roads for greater sturdiness.

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