Pickup Smartphone Application Compatible ONSON Robotic Vacuum For Your Home At $260, Originally $365

ONSON J30 2700Pa Lidar Navigation Robotic Vacuum

Amazon is offering ONSON J30 2700Pa Lidar Navigation Robotic Vacuum for $260 with an on-page coupon and the discount code 158HANFZ is used at the checkout. Usually selling for $365, the offer today saves over $100 off the regular cost.

The vacuum in the ONSON robot measures the area creates a virtual map automatically and then starts cleaning. You can see the cleaning area/time in the APP in real-time, you can also save multiple maps, change the area, or set up a prohibited cleaning area, and the robot will automatically recognize and clean the area as selected.

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The robot cleaner is equipped with four adjustable suction power levels. Dust, debris and dirt, pet hair, are readily absorbed. When the battery is low or the vacuum cleaner is finished, the J30 vacuum cleaner will automatically recharge, ensuring that the vacuum keeps the battery and can be cleaned continuously.

Scroll wheel solid robots can be cleaned easily slid on tapestries, floors, and marble panels. Auto-cleaning or scheduling by one button-through APP, multiple cleaning modes, and a vacuum time schedule are available to help you clean easily during work.

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Intelligent sensors, anti-falls sensors, obstacle detection, block protection, etc., help vacuum robots avoid furniture and protect the machine itself better. The extremely low-noise vacuum cleaner helps to make your lifestyle calm and smart.

The ONSON Home application allows you to complete vacuuming with zero loads. In addition, there is a detailed tutorial on our robotic vacuum cleaner manual.

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