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Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you can get the ONOAYO 9200L Full HD Native Mini Projector for $192.09. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 55 percent on the original price.

The AYO1 outdoor projector uses an exclusive optical system and BSCO panel to boost brightness and light usage by 30 percent or more, resulting in a crystal clear and bright image. Innovative space technology crams a bolder, brighter, and more colorful image into a small body, resulting in a projector that is just 2/3 the size, weight, and cost of existing 1080P projectors. Send with an extra bag so you can transport your ultra-portable 300″ large screen wherever you choose.

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Enjoy the benefits of wireless freedom! In 1 second, mirror everything on your phone to a 4K projector. AYO1 boasts a better wireless speed, wider range, and smoother transmission than rivals with only one band, thanks to its 2.4G/5G Dual-Band WiFi. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 chip ensures greater stability and speed. AYO1 can connect to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly, as well as connect to a phone as a speaker, thanks to Bidirectional BT technology. Enjoy the immersive pleasure with the built-in dual 8W Hi-Fi SRS speakers.

The Sealed Optical Engine efficiently reduces the appearance of black spots by preventing dust from entering the video projector’s inside. Built-in innovative heat dissipation structure with three fans to monitor internal temperature and manage cooling speed, extending the movie projector’s lifespan and ensuring image and brightness quality stability.

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Without moving, the AYO1 phone projector can lower the image size to 75%. Front, back, and ceiling installation are all supported with the 360°flip feature. The compact projector contains dual infrared receivers for a longer range of reception, making remote control commands easier and more sensitive.

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