Pickup This Popular Stylus Pencil For Your iPad Instead Of Apple Pencil At $12

Stylus for iPad

The OASO Stylus for iPad is on sale right now for $12 with a direct discount. You save 15 percent with this offer today.

The best tool to create a simple idea on your screen is the OASO stylus. This experience is taken even further by the new disc tip. Highly reactive. Perfectly accurate. Simulate the finger-like design for accurate and sensitive on-screen contact. When drawing or scrolling, do not scratch the screen.

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There is no need to charge the OASO stylus, no need to connect or pair it with the device. Simply turn out the tip and be ready for use on any capacitive touch screen. The tip can be hidden by turning back.

The OASO stylus has a flat side that can put the pen on the screen and is not easy to slip around.

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