Normally $25, The ELEGIANT True Wireless Earbuds With Touch Control On Sale For $10

ELEGIANT True Wireless Earbuds

The true wireless Elegiant Mini earbuds are down to $10.08 with Amazon M6AEFQ2D code. Usually, these earbuds sell for about $30. They have just fallen to $25, and this 60 percent discount code is just icing on the super-cheap treat.

You can get Elegiant’s inexpensive for times when you’re not trying to risk your fancy buds if you have a really nice pair of Bluetooth earbuds. You will feel a lot better when you drop or lose these cheap earbuds unintentionally than when the pair needed a loan from the mob to purchase.

The Elegiant Mini has a three-hour life on each earbud and a 300mAh battery is included in the charging case, which will provide three more full charges before you need to connect to the wall. Because they are IPX5 too, they’re a perfect companion on a run or in the sports center. You don’t need to worry about ruining them with water, and they will last long enough to get on with your sweat.

They also have an integrated microphone and stereo sound without distortion. The integrated 4.1 Bluetooth chipset offers low power consumption, a good deal of Bluetooth connectivity and low audio latency. Bluetooth can be reached within ten meters. Whether you’re answering a phone call or jamming to your favorite tunes, you get crystal clear sound. To answer calls, pause or play, power on and off and more, use the touch controls. Use one or two earbuds and you can even share your second earbud with a friend to wirelessly listen to your own music.

Three different sets of earplugs are available so that you can also find the perfect, comfortable fit.

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