Snag This Amazing New Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub For Your USB C Powered Devices At $73

The New Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub is currently available on sale at Amazon for $72.71. Previously sold for $99.99, without applying any special discount code at the checkout you save directly 27 percent on the original price.

With this multi-port adaptor, you’ll always have the parts you need. It has five ways to connect to networks, displays, and more, including USB-C, and is designed for on-the-go professionals. You’ll need these ports to stay connected and productive.

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You can connect to the internet, project material onto a large screen, charge gadgets, and more with USBC, USBA, VGA, Ethernet, and HDMI ports. Compatible with all Surface laptops that have a USB C port. Compatible accessory charging is supported. It is not possible to charge a laptop with this device.

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Individual users and small groups will benefit from this product. It’s easier to comprehend and use than a client-server database. Compatible with Chrome- Google Chrome OS 73.0.3683.88, Google Chrome OS 76.0.3809.136, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8, macOS 10.14.1, MacOS 10.14.6, MacOS 10.15.1, Android- Android 9.0.0, Android 8.1.0.

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