This Noise Cancelling Headphone For Apple Device Costs Just $39, Usually $60

Would you like a pair of Bluetooth headphones, active noise-cancelation, noise-canceling mics, the option for both wired and wireless modes to maintain battery life, and a battery that still lasts up to 30 hours? Then you want it all at a very affordable price? The active noise-canceling Mpow H10 Bluetooth headphones with the MPOW284A1 code on Amazon are just $38.99.

The headphones have been selling for about $50 for most of their lives, and since mid-July, they have sold for about $65. Today’s deal is the biggest drop we’ve ever seen and one of the best prices for a couple of headphones with so many amazing features.

Just to expand on some of the features… Active noise cancelation uses dual microphone technology to reduce background noise to 32dB. Use it while you’re on the subway, a plane, or anywhere you just want your favorite music to tune in to the world and chill. The headphones also use an improved headband design for a super comfortable fit with enlarged protein ear pads.

If you choose to wirelessly use the 30-hour battery, remember that when the battery dies, the active noise-canceling feature will not work. So go wired when you can with the included audio cable. For vocal clarity, the microphone that allows you to take calls also has built-in noise cancelation.

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