Mpow’s 15W Smartphone Wireless Charger Sits Perfect In Cars Cup Holder, $18 Today

Mpow Car Wireless Charger

The Mpow 15W Car Wireless Charger is being sold at Amazon today for $18. You save 56 percent on this car charger while you clip the on-page coupon and XYRP7ZSW discount coupon code at the checkout.

Mpow wireless charger is specialized in such away that it supports 15W for Galaxy S20+ / S20 / Footnote 10+/Foot Note 10/S10 +/ Footnote 10, 7/5W for iPhone SE 2020, 10W for Galaxy S20 / S20/ Footnote 10, 11 for Max/11 for X/X/XR/8 Plus / Footnote 8

You can mount or retrieve your phone with just one hand motion thanks to the automatic-clamping feature. Simply press one of the two release buttons on the side to open the arms, which will then automatically close to secure your phone once it is inserted. Even if the power supply is disconnected or your car is stalled, the built-in energy storage setting allows you to open the arms and take your phone out within 10s-20s.

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The car phone mount holder can be mounted in the cup holder or on the air vent. The sturdy cup holder base expands to fit cup holders up to 3.9in/9.8cm in diameter. The air vent clip has a strong clamping force that prevents the mount from falling out.

You can lower the mount’s two adjustable feet to ensure that your phone’s charging coil is aligned with the charger’s coil. The car wireless charger is compatible with cases as thick as 4mm. Remove any metal/magnetic objects, credit cards, or drink holders.

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Your phone will always be within reach thanks to a sturdy gooseneck that extends up to 37.3cm/14.7in. The gooseneck and ball head can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to position your screen at the ideal angle and orientation.

Even on rough roads, the cup is fixed, ensuring that the mount does not fall off. Each bottom clip is made of soft silicone, which absorbs shock and is non-slip. There’s no need to be concerned about unexpected braking, acceleration, or bumps. It can also prevent scratches on the car cup cover and the air outlet. There will be no power outages, and there will be multiple protections in place, including overcharge, overcurrent, and short circuits.

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