Pickup This Lightning Cables Built-in mophie Powerstation Plus XL For Your iPhone At $10 Price Cut OFF

mophie 401101663 Powerstation Plus XL (10,000mAh) - Qi Wireless Charging with Built in Micro USB and Lighning Cables

Pickup mophie Powerstation Plus XL With Built-in Micro USB & Lightning Cables for $58.60 with a direct discount. This deal is 15 percent lower than the original selling price.

You have everything you need to charge Apple or USB devices while you are on-the-go with the compact power station and XL portable battery. There is a switch-tip in the integrated cable that accommodates lighting and micro USB input ports, so there is no need to carry additional cables. Up to 10W of power can be provided by the 2.1 A high-output USB-A port.

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Product Details:

Integrated switch-tip cable: The integrated micro USB to lightning switch-tip cable works with any device that has lightning or micro USB input. When not in use, the switch-tip is stored in the cable recess.

Hours of extra battery: +34 hours. Smartphone, +14 hours. Small tablet, +7 hours large tablet

High output charging: The integrated micro USB to lightning switch-tip cable delivers 10W of power at 2.1A speed.

Charge multiple devices: Charge a second device with the high-output USB-A port which can deliver up to 10W of power to compatible USB devices and wearables.

Wireless input: Wirelessly recharge your power station plus XL on a mophie charging pad or other Qi-enabled charging pad.

Priority+ charging: Priority+ charging provides power to a charging device first before the power station plus battery starts to recharge.

LED power indicator: The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life.

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