mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad For Apple Device is On Sale Today

Love Apple, don’t you? You’ve been on Apple equipment at 100 percent, haven’t you? You have your brand new iPhone, Airpods latest generation, and even an Apple Watch that graces your wrist. Well, you need a way to charge all of those things now. Okay, now on the same pad you can pay them all. The Qi-enabled Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad on Amazon is down to $104.23. This charging pad usually sells at Apple and Amazon for $140, but the deal today is a nice low cost. It’s one of the best deals we’ve ever seen in several months and the first discount.

In reality, for all these phones, this pad also provides Fast Charge. So in a nice convenient place, you’ll get the best speeds possible. It can also handle cases on your equipment up to 3 mm. The ultrasound finish adds a nice bit of style to you, especially if you keep the pad like a nightstand or end table in a visible spot. Also, the design keeps your watch high so you can use it with Nightstand mode. The indent for your Airpods offers a dedicated charging spot that starts in touch, but it also holds your Airpods out of the Watch screen’s way.

Mophie has a two-year warranty for this product.

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