Monster Clarity 101 AirLinks Bluetooth Earbuds Available For $39.99

Right now, you can get the Monster Clarity 101 AirLinks Bluetooth Earbuds for $39.99 from Amazon. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 29 percent on the original price.

Noel Lee and the American Monster Design Team created and developed the Monster AirLinks wireless earbuds. Deep bass from a special digital audio processor improves Bluetooth headphones’ mid-to-high definition. A broader soundstage with great accuracy and clarity throughout the full frequency range is provided by professional drivers for your music.

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The Monster Stereo Earbuds provide a faster, more consistent connection thanks to the use of a sophisticated Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone after the initial pairing is successful so you can pair in a single step. Monster wireless earphones are resistant to liquids in all weather conditions thanks to their superb waterproof construction. This is perfect for outdoor recreation and exercise.

A swivel aluminum charging case with 60 hours of additional charging time and 8 hours of playback gives you plenty of time to play games, listen to music, and work out wherever you go. Through the smart charging feature of the carrying case, the automatic on/off function stops the battery from discharging.

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Multipurpose Touch Control Button For greater convenience so you can keep using it, touch control enables you to effortlessly manage your music and calls, and control play, pause, volume, menu, and stereo mode with a simple touch. Easily manage your music and calls, or quickly access information from your voice assistant. With Bluetooth headphones, you may take calls on either or both earbuds and the voice quality is clearer. This enables you to change the charging mode or easily hear calls in busy surroundings.

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