Monster Adventurer Force Bluetooth Speakers Is Perfect For Outdoor Parties At $80

Without a coupon code at the checkout, the Monster Adventurer Force Bluetooth Speakers are available for $79.99. You may directly save $70 off the asking price with the current offer.

Noel Lee and the Monster Design Team in the US designed the Pure Monster Sound-Monster Adventurer Force Bluetooth speaker. This CD has been tailored to give the most intense musical experience imaginable using 40 years of sound engineering experience. Lots of impactful deep bass, undistorted dynamics, and lots of clarity and details.

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With two full-range drivers and two passive radiators, you can get 40W of Pure Monster Sound. The 360-degree surround sound is produced by passive radiators and speaker drivers that are arranged carefully. The Monster Explorer Force is the ideal speaker for both inside and outdoor activities because of its enhanced volume. The Monster Adventurer Force portable Bluetooth speaker, which has IPX7 certification, can withstand total submersion for up to 30 minutes over a three-foot distance. You can play continuously for up to 40 hours at 50% volume thanks to its built-in 7.4v/4000mAh lithium battery!

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Almost any Bluetooth device can be linked to the Monster Adventurer Force Wireless Speaker. It makes rejoining simple by remembering the previously connected device. Making your favorite music your own is easy because of the device’s many audio customization choices, which include micro SD card/USB input/AUX input/microphone input. This item does not come with a microphone.

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