Monitor Your Blood Pressure On Smartphone With $33 Wellue Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

Wellue Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

We have a really fantastic deal for you if you’re one of the many, millions of people who regularly monitor your blood pressure. And we have something to eliminate the irony aspects of blood pressure monitoring if you do not monitor your blood pressure but know you should be causing a health condition. In fact, every day you’ll expect to use this awesome new gadget!

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The AirBP Portable Blood Pressure Monitor of Wellue is considered to be a different way from any blood pressure cuff that you used before. The idea is similar — just tighten it up, pump it up and wait — but there is a big difference between the AirBP and other blood pressure cuffs you used in past times. Instead of counting and measuring your blood pressure or even reading it and recording it on an interactive screen, this cool Wellue Model wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android and shows your blood pressure in an interface. It also records every read and store data for you and your doctor so that all of the information you require immediately is available.

Devices like the Wellue AirBP Portable Blood Pressure Monitor that are often much more costly than conventional cuffs to attach to your phone, but this specific model is much more affordable than you think. When you head to Amazon and use the DQ2TRZM3 coupon code on check-out, the $59.99 list price slashes to just $32.99! This offer lasts only until Sunday, so be sure to take it while you can already.

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