Deals: 2 Pack Of 10000mAh Power Bank Available For $20

Right now, Amazon is offering the Miady 2-Pack 10000mAh Power Bank for $19.99, or just $9.49 for each item. You can directly save 29 percent off the original price thanks to today’s promotion.

Two 10000mAh battery packs for portable charging and use around the house. allowing mobile devices to be charged wirelessly without using a power source. Now that USB-C charging is available, it is easier to charge an iPhone or an Android phone.

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Additionally, each has two USB output ports that can detect and efficiently distribute current output up to five volts and two amps from all connected devices (V, A). With the USB C and Micro USB ports, the battery can be fully recharged in 5 hours at 5V 2.0A. Because of the Li-polymer battery pack, the charger is far safer than any Li-ion charger. It is also lighter and smaller, making it easier to transport, especially on airplanes.

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It seems surprisingly light for a power bank with a 10000mAh capacity, weighing only 218g and having a 14mm thickness. The gripping design is lightweight, portable, and convenient to throw into a bag.

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