Get This Stylus Pen As An Alternative To Pricey Apple Pencil For $13 (Save $7)

MENKARWHY Active Stylus Digital Pen 

The MENKARWHY Active Stylus Digital Pen is being sold today at Amazon for $12.98. Usually selling for $19.98, you save directly $7 without applying any special code at the checkout.

With its two ends with a diameter of 1.5 mm and fiber tip, this 2-in-1 touch screen pen offers a more precise diameter, gives you a realistic feeling for creation. Fiber tip is particularly suitable for tapping and scrolling, to prevent fingerprints and fingerprints from fading your touch screen. Ensures better flexibility and accuracy for the writing and drawing of your company.

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Equipped with an artist’s glove, your hand rests on the screen with no concern about a capacitive display of your palm. The fatigue caused by the long suspended palm can be resolved. On both hands, gloves can be worn.

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The digital pen starts with one button and requires no connection to USB or Bluetooth. These digital stylus styles are sensitive to pressure and tilt, so you can easily vary the weight of the line, create subtle shades, increase your strength and create something more creative.

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